7 in 7 – Day 7


I really miss the city which I lived 7 years, Beijing. Lots of my friends lived in that city, lots of memories been leaved in that city. This is a project try to simulate the circumstance of Beijing, allowing experiencer fully perceive this city. Producing the feeling of I am in Beijing, creating the feeling of I can touch this city, even I am in thousands miles away.

I entrust my best friend, which lived in Beijing, to shoot the view of out her window every day during this whole week. Same time,  same place, some scene. I also shoot the scene out of my window with same prerequisite. After I got all the photos, I edit them in Premiere to make a video. The original thought is that projecting the video on ground by one projector and tester could standing under the view which been projected out by machine. Via this method, creating a realistic environment that people could sense the sky and weather of Beijing.

Photos about Beijing & New York 



Video Demo for Final Project

Sketch of Final Effect

effects for 7
How the projects works

7 in 7 – Day6


This is the picture to show how people usually using phone maps on real life. From I start to live in this new city, I have no idea about where I am in. I need relay on phone maps to live. But I found it is not safe when people using it when they are walking. People usually more focus on the digital maps instead of world around them. Actually, it is very insecurity. I try to figure out one method to avoid this kind of risk.

In this project, I think maps could been project on the ground and showing the instant information to people. Allowing people does not have to put their eyes on their phone which putting themselves in danger. They can know where they are by just watching the  been projected images under the foot. To realize the concept of people does not need to pay lots attention on maps but know the where they are and which direction they should to go.

I did not carry out this idea in this project, but I showed the working sketches in below to explain how it works. Maybe, I can realize this idea in near future allowing people using this kind of reality maps.

How people usually using their phone to find their way

find their way

Effecting Images of Projecting Maps

effects-2effect sketch

7 in 7 – Day 5


This is the first time I try to do something not graphics, not videos. I made this followed by guide booklet step by step. I made a colorful bulb working first and then using the material from Uno kit to create a butterfly. Connecting them together, one beautiful butterfly been made out.


  1. Connect a colorful light bulb
  2.  Write  code in Arduino
  3.  Make a butterfly with the materials from Arduino kit
  4. Connect them all together

Material & Preparing


Showing the Process & Final 


Video Demo for Process Display

How it works

Video Demo for Final Project

How it looks like

7 in 7 – Day4


Today, the train via my apartment been changed!!! There is no train to Manhattan!!!  And, the google maps did not show the timely information about how to transfer subway to Manhattan. The only way to find the right way is go with the flow and follow my heart. As expected, I am lost again. I could not figure out how many times I lost since I arrived New York. Taking wrong train and getting lost is the thing I do everyday. It is very easy to differentiate the direction when I am in my country even in the places which I am not familiar with. It is ok go with the flow, but in New York, I definitely will make mistakes once I have any unsure about one thing, like finding the place I want to go. Besides, my english is very bad, I still have trouble to have a  talk with people or understanding the guide board. Therefore, I often have the sense of hopelessness when I met some trouble. As to the New York, which the city I lived in, I feel that I only can grasp very little part of this city. Even I live in this city, I could not view the whole picture of this city. Even I live in this city, I still have not the ability to understand this this city.

I made a project by Javascript to express my feeling about this city, my experience about  my life. Even I am not very familiar with this city, I believe I will adapt very well in the near future. I am very optimistic about that.

I only can see very little part of this city.

Effect Picture
Effect Picture

Code in Sublime

JS – Canvas Library

Watching the whole project works by video 

No matter where I am, I only can see quite parochial of this city.

7 in 7 – DAY 3


This is the third day I started to do the 7 in 7 project. I could not figure out any interesting idea which I want to do within whole day. I drew lots of sketches and wrote lots of key words on paper but useless. Until night, I feel restless and stressful. I started to ask myself, why other people could think out so many excellent idea, but I could not. Before I get crazy, I give up to think a new idea. I changed my mind and  I thought maybe no idea is one idea. Then, I design a poster to express my mentality, the mentality which I could not figure out one idea.




For get a good self-portrait, I shot almost 100   pictures. I made them into gif  to express the mentality of crazy.
For get a good self-portrait, I shot almost 100 pictures. I made them into gif to express the mentality of crazy.

7 in 7 – Day2

over head-poster

This is an information era, so many visual information fill out people’s life, Like the information on television, on street, on subway and on building etc.. I am the people of living in Brooklyn now. I need take almost one hour to get to our school.  Watching and observation on subway is the thing I do everyday.  Then, I found that there are lots of interesting advertising been hanged on the carriage of subway and they been changed frequently. I think those advertising, those visual information is affecting people, even though they looks like did not pay attention on it. Actually, I believe those visual information has strong communicability and influence.

I want to use this video to express the concept of people’s life is made by various of advertising. I used all the visual information which I saw on subway to show that people are drenched in large number of advertising.

7 in 7-Day 1

Everyday,I take subway to go to DT. There are lots of different sounds in subway. Those sounds kind of part of my life. Therefore, I recorded all the sounds which I heard on subway to make them into together to become an audio. When people listen this audio, giving them a feel of they are taking subway.

The arrangement of each elements in the audio is following chronological order, which is one time I take train from home to DT. After making this audio, I visualized this audio in Processing. Processing could capture the decibel of this audio and according different decibel to draw different circle in the canvas. 

The audio of auditory information on subway